Applying for SHARP is a two-stage process.

Interested candidates must first submit a Statement of Interest; top candidates will then be invited to complete an employment application and participate in an interview. The 2020 program will run June 4th through August 17th (accommodations are available for students in the quarter system).

Below is an overview of the application and the timeline. Although you can now save and resume your application, we still recommend you review the program overview first.

Application Process & Timeline

1. Applicants will now submit their applications on this website with a new Save & Resume function. Interested students must submit a SHARP Statement of Interest form with required materials (see below) by Monday, March 9, 2020 at 5pm for the final application deadline.

2. Once the Statement of Interest is submitted, students will be given a very brief and anonymous demographic survey which will be used for reporting purposes only.

3. SHARP staff (and in some cases college/university staff) will review the application materials submitted.

4. Top candidates will be invited to formally apply for the program by completing an employment application and participating in a brief phone screen.

5. Finalists will be invited to an interview. Interviews are expected to take place in early April. Interviews with local candidates will take place in person, and interviews with out-of-area candidates will take place over the phone or through a video conferencing program such as Skype.

6. SHARP staff will notify students of acceptance into the program (approximately mid-April).

Required Materials

  • Completed SHARP Statement of Interest
  • Resume
  • Transcripts from colleges and universities attended after high school (unofficial and photocopies are accepted)
  • Recommendation: We will accept either a formal letter of recommendation or the pdf recommendation form. If you are using the form, please have the person completing your recommendation download and complete the recommendation form: PDF version or Word version. The person giving the recommendation must email it to [email protected]. We will not accept recommendation forms emailed by applicants. All recommendations will be verified by SHARP staff. You will also be required to provide their contact information in your application.

1) One from a professor OR

2) One from an academic advisor or work supervisor

(Note: A supervisor of an unpaid internship is acceptable, and in some cases, a supervisor of a volunteer experience may also be acceptable. The key is that this person knows you and your work ethic well.)

Statement of Interest

The Statement of Interest includes two short essays with the following prompts:

Statement 1 (800 words):

Please provide a statement that describes the following:

  1. Your academic and career goals;
  2. What has inspired you to pursue these goals (e.g., community involvement, volunteer experience, previous experience conducting research, personal/life experiences, etc.);
  3. How this program will help you reach your goals; and
  4. Any unique, personally important, and/or challenging factors in your background that have influenced your goals or your academic achievements.

Statement 2 (400 words):

Please pick at least one skill and/or topic area and discuss why it interests you.


You should receive an email that your application materials has been received shortly after submission.
If you have questions about the required materials or application process, please email [email protected] and put SHARP Internship Question in the subject line of the email.

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