Scholars will participate in weekly workshops and seminars led by SHARP mentors and other local experts in HIV prevention research. A tentative schedule of topics/activities for the Summer 2014 program are listed below. Please note that this schedule is subject to change.

Tentative Timing Topic/Activity
Week 1 Meet and Greet, Lunch with mentor & Orientation Sessions
Week 1 Study Design & Considerations Part I (Choosing Research Question, Research Designs)
Week 1 Study Design & Considerations Part II (Questionnaire Design)
Week 1 Social Outing (afternoon/evening)
Week 2 Scholar & Alumni Peer Mentoring Matching Event (evening)
Week 2 Works-in-Progress (discussion and guidance for scholar research projects)
Week 2 Meet The Mentors Panel
Week 2 Qualitative Research Methods: Interviews & Focus Groups
Week 3 Works-in-Progress
Week 3 Qualitative Dataset Walk-Through (optional)
Week 3 Stats 101
Week 3 Quantitative Dataset Walk-Through (optional)
Week 4 Movie from LGBT Film Fest TBD
Week 4 Responsible Conduct of Research: Informed Consent & Research Misconduct
Week 4 Community-Based Participatory Research
Week 4 Good Participatory Practices
Week 5 March with Pride Contingent
Week 5 Works-in-Progress
Week 5 HIV/AIDS & Health Disparities
Week 6 Social Event TBD (evening)
Week 6 PrEP & Microbicides: Optimizing Adherence
Week 6 HIV Vaccines
Week 6 Treatment as Prevention
Week 7 Oral Presentations 101
Week 7 Field Trip to Health clinic
Week 7 Scholar Mini-Presentations
Week 8 Film Night (evening)
Week 8 Scholar Mini-Presentations
Week 8 Substance Use & HIV
Week 8 HIV & Mental Health
Week 9 Works-in-Progress
Week 9 Causal inference & threats to validity
Week 9 Responsible Conduct of Research: Authorship & Mentoring
Week 10 Social Event TBD (evening)
Week 10 Manuscript Writing: Part I
Week 10 Manuscript Writing: Part II
Week 10 Writing Clinic
Week 11 Practice Run of Presentations
Week 11 SHARP Research Symposium: Final Project Presentations
Week 12 Panel: Graduate School and Beyond
Week 12 Applying for Graduate School
Week 12 Conference Abstract Clinic
Week 12 Transitioning from Mentee to Mentor
Week 12 Farewell Picnic Lunch