“The SHARP internship has been one of the most influential experiences of my college research career. What makes the SHARP mentors so special is that they set high expectations that we become HIV researchers/leaders while tirelessly providing professional, financial, and personal support.”
Nathan Kim
2013 SHARP Scholar
“SHARP has been one of the very best parts of my educational path to date – I’ve deepened my understanding of the research process, gained concrete skills that will allow me to work in the field, and formed relationships with incredible mentors and peers…. In addition, SHARP taught me about the impact that public health interventions have on others. I am now confident that I want to create the research that brings those interventions to life.”
Nneka Okeke
2013 SHARP Scholar
“When I reflect upon this past summer, I can honestly say this was the most fulfilling and rewarding summer I have had. When I first received the phone call telling me I was accepted to SHARP, I honestly did a cartwheel and injured my wrist. After this incredible summer, I feel I should have done two cartwheels during that initial phone call.”
Ali Zahir
2013 SHARP Scholar
“Prior to arriving at DPH, I was interested in receiving an MPH; yet, I was uncertain about pursuing an MD. This internship has expanded my understanding of public health and medicine and helped me decide to pursue both. Fortunately, I’ve learned that the possibilities within public health are broad and the field allows me to problem solve using research, activism, education, etc. Medicine is now less narrow in my mind because I have asked questions, shadowed, and been introduced to various providers within the medical field. This internship has solidified that I want to combine both passions in the near future and pursue two of the following degrees: MD, MPH, DrPH, PhD, MPAS.”
Erikan Obotetukudo
2013 SHARP Scholar
“After my time at SHARP I have a better understanding of Public Health as a field, qualitative research methods and analysis, and public health research methodology.”
Alexis Andrea Adsit
2013 SHARP Scholar
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